The Degradation Of Solar Cell

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Solar Cell Degradation in Space Abstract: This paper will present the degradation of solar cell performance when exposed to solar wind in space, particularly in the Van Allen belt region. Also, solar cell theory is mathematically modeled and described using Matlab simulation software accompanied by the SRIM software to generate the targeting data. Follow with the degradation modeling of Si, InGaP/GaAs/Ge triple-junction space solar cells when are exposed to high energy charged particles, especially protons and electrons in the Mega-electron-Volt range. In this model, carrier removal rate of the base layer and damage coefficient of minority carrier diffusion length in each sub-cell are considered as radiation degradation parameters. In addition, this paper will present the status of high radiation-resistant solar cells made from Si, InGaP/GaAs/Ge for space application to guarantee the successful operation of the satellite. Acknowledgement: This Project had been smoothly carried out and implemented at the California State University of Long Beach. Initially, I would like to thank to Dr. Chu Chow Long for his supervision and support for this research project. List of the Figure: Figure 1: Standard Solar Spectra Figure 2: Cross-section of the typical solar cell. Figure 3: Plot of I_sc and V_oc and the power for 100 〖cm〗^2 cell area. Figure 4: Solar photon effect Figure 5: A solar panel array of the International Space Station Figure 6: High

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