The Degree Of Education For Women

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The degree of education for women in developing and developed countries is immensely low across the globe. In regions like the Middle East and parts of Africa especially East Coast (Somalia) many women aren 't allowed to go to school and get an education. Because not being allowed access to education these women aren 't ready for a vast number of skilled job opportunities, that had they obtained access to education would have been able to do. In rare instances women are offered education but the quality of this education is often very low, and limited. These women in terms of their futures are at risk because without this education these women are put at a disadvantage denying them equal opportunities in the work force, they become financial burdens to take care of, and they have kids that are affected by this. Barbara Matera a vice chair of the parliament who voices her views on the effects of lack of education for women, Shalmala Pulugurtha a journalist who writes on the impact uneducated women have on their children and Maryan Mohamed a women who has told her story on her challenges with having little to no education. These boundaries are now being broken women are gaining access to education due to the fact that they are becoming courageous enough to speak against the “normal” view of education for them. As Barbara Matera said it “the lack of education is robbing women of their full potential”. This essentially creates a setback that women have to face
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