The Dehumanization Of People From Other Religions

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The dehumanization of people from other religions is also an example of intolerance. The treatment that Muslims received throughout the poem, is more intolerant than tolerant, although there are a few times where the tolerance between the Christians and Muslims can be seen. El Cid, takes from the Muslims without question. His tactics for taking from them can be seen as inhuman as well as extremely violent. The Muslims are also categorized with the cattle which demonstrates the level with which the Christians thought of them as, “He captured Moorish men and Moorish women, and all the cattle being herded out” (Pg.33). The intolerance is evident by this quote. To put humans of another religion on the same level as animals is disrespectful and exhibits the belief that Christians had that their religion was the correct religion and the Muslims were no better than animals. The categorization of Muslims as below Christians is indicated when in a speech El Cid makes to his army, “Soldiers, listen to me! You who believe in our God! Ever since we left Christian-clean lands- by neither choice or desire: there was no other way- By God’s great grace, we have prospered” (pg.83). The “Christian-clean lands” that they did not want to leave refers to the idea that they are on tainted lands. This alludes to the idea that the Muslims are dirty, possibly like an animal, which they had been categorized with before. The Muslims have ruined the lands that were once the Christians and the…
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