The Dehumanization Of People From Other Religions

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The dehumanization of people from other religions is also an example of intolerance. The treatment that Muslims received throughout the poem, is more intolerant than tolerant, although there are a few times where the tolerance between the Christians and Muslims can be seen. El Cid, takes from the Muslims without question. His tactics for taking from them can be seen as inhuman as well as extremely violent. The Muslims are also categorized with the cattle which demonstrates the level with which the Christians thought of them as, “He captured Moorish men and Moorish women, and all the cattle being herded out” (Pg.33). The intolerance is evident by this quote. To put humans of another religion on the same level as animals is disrespectful and…show more content…
This generates the idea that the Christians created a negative depiction of the Muslim people solely based on their religion and no other reasons. They only listen to the voice of Christianity and all others are subordinate and need to be defeated. Religious intolerance is not only depicted by El Cid. Hildegard also insinuates her intolerance towards other religions as well. Hildegard’s letter all show her reliance and praise on God. Through her visions she is able to share his wisdom and knowledge of the holy church. Her letter to Bernard of Clairvaux provides the beginning of her ideas of intolerance. Bernard of Clairvaux was a leading supporter behind the Second Crusade. The crusades are directly correlated to intolerance. Although, writing to him does not necessarily suggest that she is intolerant towards other religions, the statements that she says in her letter signify her support of the movement. In later letters, she continues her appeal to the people she is writing too, that Christianity is the religion that they must follow and she can help them with her visions. She suggests to the people who seek her help, that God is the answer to all of their problems. They can be saved through the power of God and she can help them achieve the answers they are looking for since she has a connection with God.
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