The Dehumanization Of Society In Lacie Pound's Black Mirror

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Barcenas, ian angelo Dehumanization of society As technology advance, we slowly slip into dehumanizing ourselves. We as a society are being engulfed by technology. We are so obsessed of our phones and computers that we set a persona in our Facebook and other social media sites. In the show Black Mirror, there is an episode called “Nosedive,” in which the majority of society is based on a rating from 1-5 stars,as an individual's rating goes up the better chance the individual is successful, you can find a rich husband, afford a big home, and be respected by others. The main character of “Nosedive” is Lacie Pound is an average 4.2 to 4.3 star range in her community. Miss Pound is trying to reach her dream house, but Miss Pound needs a 4.5…show more content…
We are willing to isolate ourselves from other people and we are not helping ourselves because we are lacking self-reflection.Turkle and Nosedive had something had something in common. They addressed the negligence of self-realization and attached to a device and being controlled by it. From personal experience, before joining any sports, I isolated myself from my peers during my second year of highschool because I just entered a new high school and did not know anyone from the school. I chose to be isolated and play more video games and created a Facebook account due to peer pressure; I made careful decision to make myself look like i fit in this new high school, i checked similarities of other students and made myself fit in social media standards.. As the year went by I completely stopped using social media and I forced myself to join a sport, swimming, in which I socialized more and gain more friends; After i joined swimming i picked up another activity which is surfing with my little brother and became more extroverted. Instead of people trying to facetime me during the day, i would rather try to meet them face to face and have a
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