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Ms Loren stood in front of a single elevator illustrating an "out of service" sign. Ms Loren glanced at the notice and questioned the Bellman, "It's not working?" as she pointed to the elevator. "No, Ma'am. It has not operated in years. Parts are impossible to find. Everyone takes the stairs. Good exercise," retorted the Bellman. Coach Russell walked in front of Ms Loren, and took the first step up to address the students, "Okay, everyone. Looks like we got some climbing to do. Thankfully, we're all on the third floor." Coach Russell begun heading their up towards the guest rooms. "Students, you heard Coach Russell," Ms Loren addressed with a hint of spite saying Coach Russell. She had been with Minister Mike longer than him, yet Coach Russell took control of most situations. Coach even blocked her from the students view. This was not tolerable in her book. Ms Loren approached the stairs with vigor. Ms Loren wanted a word with him away from the others. "Giselle, Let's not delay the Ambassador," said Minister Mike to his wife as Giselle stayed behind with Daniel at the front desk. "Michael, I want to get a list of the student's rooms, and Daniel wants to make sure the billing is in order,” replied Giselle. "Okay. Just don't take all day, you two," Minister Mike proclaimed upon reaching the first step, as he headed upwards with the majority of his students and chaperones ascending with him. Giselle heard her husband say, "Russell, I need a moment with
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