The Delivery Model For The Square Space

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1.2 Delivery Models There is numerous engagement model available to the Square Space. A project is taken from the company on the basis of time and material. The cost might be fixed for performing business operations and in various hybrid models (Fan 2000). This way the companies will experience flexibility to select the best option as per their needs. Through delivery models the company will receive connectivity, framework, turnkey development centers, application centers, and related service for universal organizations to influence resource, expertise and time zone benefits. 1. Outsource Delivery Model: - One of the latest ways companies works by saving the money of its customers and remains attentive to their different business…show more content…
4. Hybrid Delivery Model: - A perfect mixture of offshore and onsite is known as Hybrid Delivery model and results in less cost and improved effectiveness. Under this model, the onsite team will directly communicate with its clients and will perform the role of consultants, program managers and designers to them based on the project needs. 5. Global Delivery Model: - The main driver of accomplishments and value realization for the clients is provided through Global Delivery model. Clearly stated process instructions are provided by it which emphasizes on the importance of data flow and interaction (Fan 2000). The force of the Global Delivery Model mixed with the framework and the quality introduction minimizes engagement threat for a customer. Under this model the threat to clients is reduced when compared to old delivery models. Benefits of the Global Delivery Model: - • Virtual groups linked through information • Intellectual work sharing and amalgamation • Increased work schedule-quick project accomplishments • Approachability to professionals and knowledge • Verified for iterative and waterfall approach 1.3 Recommendation The Square Space Company can outsource various functions which are non-center ability under its business. As per ICT, there are various departments which a company can outsource such as helpdesk, end-user support, server management, IT security, network
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