The Delivery Of Communication And Differentiated Instruction

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Although using different teaching strategies is necessary in a differentiated music class, simply using them is not necessarily differentiating instruction. I like to think of strategies as the delivery of communication and differentiated instruction as the specific individual implementation of strategies. For example in a music class, one of my strategies of keeping students engaged is to use simple percussion instruments for developing rhythmic proficiency. The differentiated instruction is provided by taking individual needs into consideration. For example, a student who is easily aurally overloaded, I would hand that student a quieter instrument and/or suggest he/she use body percussion or ask them to sit where they feel comfortable in class relative to the sound being produced. For younger children who are sound sensitive, I would suggest using earplugs or head sets. It is important to remember that using a variety of teaching strategies is not the same as differentiating the instruction. In this case engagement was the overarching strategy and the differentiated instruction was specific to each student while still keeping them engaged. Differentiated Instruction is a student focused way of thinking of teaching and learning. It is important to establish clear and concise guidelines for independent and group work, as well as movement within a classroom. I will also discuss guidelines in general that I would setup for these areas. In
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