The Delivery Of Health Care

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The delivery of health care services in contemporary society relies on a diverse multidisciplinary network of professional’s working together to deliver optimal patient outcomes. These outcomes are reliant upon the communication and interaction of numerous professional. This reliance on communication between health care professionals, has underlined the importance of professional relationships in the health care environment. The purpose of this essay is to highlight that importance in these relationships among healthcare workers, in achieving optimum patient outcomes. In this essay the use of communication strategies both verbal and non-verbal will be examined, as well as discussing the use of a number communication models and theories.…show more content…
During the course of a 4-day hospital stay any particular patient may interact with up to 50 different hospital employees, many of these in a professional manner (Apker et al, 2006). This significant number of professional to patient communication occurrences can potentially cause vital information to be spread among dozens of different health care professionals. Given that the individual health care professional may have limited professional-to-professional communication. The necessity arises in which communication strategies and models need to be introduced to ensure that collaboration can occur between these all the healthcare professionals involved during any given patients stay. Communication errors are frequently responsible for medical errors such as potentially fatal medication errors (Murphy, 2010). Therefor poor professional communication can directly be linked to poor patient outcomes. In an attempt to reduce occurrences strategies such as the use of communication models have been progressively introduced into the healthcare system to insure that effective communication is commonplace amongst health care professionals. These models such as the Transactional Model have been introduced into the healthcare environment to help with professional communication. The transactional model relies on 2 or more
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