The Delivery Of Healthcare Is The Proper Management Of Patient Pain

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One of the most pervasive issues in the delivery of healthcare is the proper management of patient pain. In surgical settings, pain is an unavoidable consequence but one that requires handling with great care as the unnecessary suffering of patient is legally and morally inappropriate. While pain is typically a physical response to an external stimulus, such as a surgical procedure or the destructive extent of disease, the recognition of pain occurs on an individual level. The brain is the ultimate arbiter of what is painful and what is not. Due to this deeply personal context of pain, there are many factors at play in its appearance. Some factor relate to environmental concerns while others derive from societal and cultural impacts (Belfer, 2013). While pain is often an unwanted characteristic of care, it is also a strong diagnostic guideline. Physicians can rapidly detect the extent of illness and injury by following a patients’ expression of pain. Because of the importance of understanding pain, it is important that nurses be acutely aware of all of the personal and cultural influences that can affect a patient 's understanding and expression of pain. Nurses with such awareness are more likely to avoid the unfortunate situation of over or under diagnosing pain. The Joint Commission requires that all facilities adhere to guidelines that state patients shall not suffer from unnecessary pain. The Joint Commission also states that facilities must formally
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