The Delivery On Mother Request

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Caesarean Delivery on Mother Request University of Mary Fall 2016 Jennifer Escher Caesarean Delivery upon request it is defined as a primary pre-labor delivery on the request of the mother in the absence of any maternal or fetal indications. Risks that are potential with a maternal requested delivery will explain that hospital stay is longer, increased risk with respiratory issues with mother and infant, and greater complications for the maternal with other pregnancies. Those complications can include rupture of the uterus, implantation problems with next pregnancy and the need for hysterectomy due to complications of prior caesarean. Potential benefits from a planned caesarean can include decrease in complications from birth, decrease in the risk of hemorrhage and transfusions from blood lost. Fewer complications from surgery and the fetal outcome from respiratory complications is decreased. According to The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists "The belief that the absence of maternal and fetal indications for caesarean delivery, a planned delivery is safe and appropriate and should be recommended to patients, delivery should not be performed before a gestational age of 39 weeks". (2013). The ability of maternal requested should not be available or recommended unless there is complication or effective pain management. This is also not recommended for maternal that want to have more children. The risks outweighs the benefits of maternal

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