The Demand For High Quality Talent

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Essay “The demand for high quality talent is outstripping supply and this is not expected to change.” The above statement is true in today’s world economy and hence relying on local talents is not enough, so companies should also consider foreign talent markets for obtaining high quality and dedicated talents. The workplaces need to be more diverse in order to survive in today’s non-static market. What foreign talents bring is vision and experiences which might be applicable in their local market but the learning that can be obtained from those experiences will definitely help the company which plans to hire them and that learning can be applied to similar markets as well. What is meant by Diversity in Workplace? The basic concept for diversity is rapidly developing. It is no longer just about creating heterogeneous workforces, but now it is also about using that workforce to create the innovative products, services and business practices that can give a company a competitive advantage in the market. And on a global scale, as companies compete, diversity and inclusion have to frequently shift, as different markets and different cultures have varied definitions of what diversity means. In today’s market almost all executives understand that their companies cannot be successful on a global platform unless they have a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce is necessary to drive innovation, foster creativity and guide business strategies. When a company has people from multiple
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