The Demand For Nurses As A Nurse

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The demand for nurses is steadily increasing and will continue to grow nineteen percent until the year 2022 (“Registered Nurse”). For a student looking at the routes to college, going to school for nursing will give them plenty of degrees to choose from: a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, and more. After a student completes school to become a basic registered nurse, they then can go to school for one more year to specialize in a specific type of nursing. There is a substantial amount of specific nursing types that students can go into, an addiction nurse, or a neonatology nurse. The list of duties a nurse has to do are endless, so they will always be on their feet. The amount the graduate will receive will be an average pay, the longer he or she continues to work the more their salary will increase. Entering this field with the demand for nurses will increase the chances of receiving a job faster in a specific unit, and will later increase salary. Explanation of Career In 2022 there will be approximately 526,800 new jobs in nursing, bringing registered nurses to number nine on the best job list (Bratcher). One of the most important tasks a nurse will have is to be a team member and work with the other physicians and health care specialists. A registered nurse has many duties that will need to be fulfilled on the job; some tasks may vary according to where someone is working. For example, if someone is working at a nursing home, they will be assisting the people that
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