The Demand for Technology in the Healthcare Sector

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The demand for technology in the health care sector 1. Introduction The modern day society is the result of decades of rapid change and development. And the most eloquent example in this sense is represented by the technologic community, which directly influences the rest of the sectors and often sets the pace of change and evolution. Technology has as such progressed at tremendous rates throughout the past recent decades, and it has now come to a point at which it impacts virtually all aspects of life, from the making of meals to the completion of the complex professional tasks. And as technology become more versatile, the demand for it also increased. For instance, technology is now employed in the educational process, in schools and universities to help acquire more knowledge; it is used in administrative operations and in manufacturing processes, to help improve operational efficiency. Also, technology is used in the medical field to generate new findings, to help advance cures for diseases, to help administer health care institutions and so on. Within the health care sector, the usage of technology is continually increasing, due to the benefits it can generates. The premise at the beginning of this project then is represented by the belief that technology is becoming more demanded and more necessary within the modern day health care sector. In order to prove this point, emphasis would be placed on the assessment of a specific situation in which
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