The Demise Of The Tobacco Smoking

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What some are calling a new fad, may very well be the answer to the demise of the tobacco smoking epidemic. While it is not likely to happen any time soon, it definitely has the potential. Electronic cigarettes, also known as vaporizers, are the better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. They contain less harmful chemicals, are less expensive, and provide a smoother transition from smoking cigarettes to not smoking at all. It is difficult to comprehend why generation after generation of people continue to smoke cigarettes despite the fact they are fully aware of the detrimental effects of the behavior.
Cigarette smoking has been an addictive human habit for more than 600 years and even dates back to 5000 B.C. In the
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As the diagram below shows, the tobacco rod is covered by the cigarette paper. The filter plug is shrouded by the plug wrap paper, and both are joined together by the tipping paper. King size cigarettes are typically around 80 mm long and 8 mm in diameter, while containing around 750 mg of tobacco. Filter lengths range 25-30 mm. When the end of a cigarette burns, the smoke from the combustion moves through the unburned tobacco and filter, then inhaled into the user’s mouth and lungs. Some of the most dangerous elements of smoking are a product of the combustion. Electronic cigarettes can come in many different shapes and sizes and can be realistic looking or can be in larger forms with batteries and larger tanks. They all use the same basic concept as the diagram below shows. When an e-cigarette is triggered (either by an inhale or with a button press) the battery connected to the heating element (atomizer) boils a tiny amount of liquid (e-liquid). This creates a vapor which is inhaled by the user. At no point is anything burned through the process of combustion so no smoke/ash/tar is ever created (Project Vape).

The most obvious reason for kicking the smoking habit, or never picking it up, is the ridiculous amount of toxic chemicals found in a cigarette or cigarette smoke. There are over 4000 known chemicals in some form of the cigarette. The most dangerous of the chemicals would be the
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