The Democracy Of The United States Government

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Randy Rivas Political Science 1 O’Regan Fall 2015 Voter Turnout In a democracy citizens are permitted to have a significant amount of influence on government through the election of government officials. This is known as Direct Democracy, which means that the citizens play a significant role on the laws and policies of the land. Although the liberty of voting is available, why is the voter turnout so low? Many other countries have a much larger vote turnout than the United States. The reason for this varies; some major points would be the Demographics, voting laws, and political favoritism/corruption that affect the voter turnout. When the people vote for a public figure they expect them to succumb to the will of the people, and not big business. This led to a lack of trust on the United States government. The United States by far is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. It is the land of freedom and opportunity. American Democracy is based off the idea that its citizens have a voice in political affairs. The demographics of the country itself have a huge impact on the voter turnout. Different age groups, race/ethnicity, gender and even socio-economic status can change individual voter’s views on politics. The voter turnout rates when it comes to age play a big role on the voter turnout. Younger citizens have a much lower chance of voting when compared to older citizens. This is because the younger generation does not have a great interest in

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