The Democratic And The Republican Parties Dominate American Politics

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Ramesha Wembley
Government 110
Political Ideology

The Democratic and the Republican parties dominate American politics. They are both different in their philosophies and ideals. Political parties win elections, operate the government, and determine public policy. They compete with each other for support of the voters over issues that have to do with the economy, national security and individual liberties. Political parties determine and make the important choices that affect our everyday lives. Democratic is liberal and left—leaning, the symbol is a donkey and the representing color is blue. Republican is conservative and right – leaning, the symbol is an elephant and the representing color is red. The three political topics that stick out to me the most are abortion, gun control, and gay rights/marriage. The Democratic Party was founded on March 3rd, 1828. The founders of liberal democrats are Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They became recognized in the mid nineteenth century. Some popular current democrats would be President Barack Hussein Obama, former senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and former president Bill Clinton. The word is a Greek origin meaning ‘ruled by the people.” Slave activists founded Republicans on March 4th, 1854. Some popular republicans today are Ted Cruz (senator), Orrin Grant Hatch, and John Boehner “speaker of the house of reps.” The word Republican originates from the middle French meaning “ belonging to a republic.” One…
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