The Democratic Government Of Canada

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Summary The Liberal Government of Canada has promised the implementation of a new electoral system within the next 18 months according to the second chapter of the document Real Change: A New Plan for a Strong Middle Class. The document seeks to affirm that the 2015 election will be the last federal election held under the first-past-the-post electoral system and that many reform options will be thoroughly explored to replace it. Proportional representation (PR) systems appears to be the most beneficial and logical alternatives to our current system. However, there is variety of different forms of proportional representation and this paper will seek to explain why Single Transferable Vote is the most viable proportional representation…show more content…
• Regionalism allows for some voters to have more power with their votes, particularly Ontario and Quebec over other provinces thus furthering regional tension and divide. • Voters in areas with a lesser impact on the Election outcome may feel a sense of voter apathy and will be less likely to engage with political discourse. • Potentially wasted ballots on small fringe parties with no chance of winning or in electoral districts with a strong partisan leaning. • Parties that have a diffuse national support may be underrepresented in House of Commons, The New Democratic Party and in some historical instances the Conservative Party have been negatively impacted by this. • The inverse of the prior problem occurs as well, parties with a concentrated regional support become over represented in the House of Commons; The Bloc Quebecois have traditionally been an example of this. • Strategic voting may occur to ensure a party is removed from power, voters will vote for an opposing party with a good chance of winning versus a party with lesser support but whose platform they agree with. • On Election Day a winner can be determined before polls across Canada close, once the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario are counted, a winner can be determined before the polls close out West. What is the Single Transferable Voting
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