The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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The Democratic Party is one of two major political parties in the United States. I associate myself as a Democrat for the reason of their liberal views. The Democratic Party tends to be more liberal and support the views like same sex marriage, immigration, and social and economic equality. Many of the views the party stands for and beliefs tie to my beliefs. Some of the key priorities of the Democratic Party are the Economy, Poverty and Homelessness, Education, Healthcare Policy, Social Security and Medicare, Immigration, and Gun Policy.
First, as a new Democratic nominee running for President their economic positions are made clear. To reach the goals that Democrats want for our country 's economy, Democrats have made it their priority to cut taxes for working families and tax the rich more in tax increases. They also provide help for small businesses and homeowners. The Democratic Party is also trying to make college available for free for all Americans as well as removing companies that produce their products overseas and bringing them in the United States. “Hillary Clinton and Democrats will make certain we build and economy works for everyone, not just those at the top.”
Second, democrats want to make healthcare more affordable. An act that was passed by President Obama was passed known as the Affordable Care Act allowed over 20 million Americans to get health care coverage. The Affordable Care Act allowed states to expand Medicaid to get more people get medical…
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