The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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Every four years, the United States’ citizens elect a new president. The election is held in November, but campaigning starts almost a whole year before the election month. Candidates compete on a daily basis for the one position some people only dream of holding. With this election on the horizon, voters need to take time to understand who the contenders are and what their main objects will be once they arrive in office.
In politics today, two parties exist; the democrat party and the republican party. Out of the pair of organizations, the democratic party remains as the world’s oldest political party. It was first founded in the year 1828 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Jeffersonian Republican or Democratic-Republican party
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They consisted of former Whig party supporters, abolitionists, and people who believed in the modernizing of the country. Their basic belief followed the ways of conservatism. Conservatism means that people believed in the rule of anti-communism, and also believed that the American traditions are the way the government should be ran along with Protestant values. Each party is represented by an animal and also a color; red elephants for republicans and blue donkeys for democrats.
When looking at the economy today, it is rather on a plateau. A few years ago, the economy was heading in the wrong direction, but after current president Barack Obama was elected into office, he managed to sign many bills into effect which in turn helped bring our economy back up. Illegal immigration into the country has sky rocketed in the past ten years. The number of illegal immigrants flowing into the country is approximately seven hundred thousand each year. Personally, I believe that this number is entirely too high. The United States has a specific law about illegal aliens and how they must have a piece of paper called a green card in order to live in this country as an immigrant. These people of course are not considered citizens because they were not born in America, which is primarily the reason behind the law. Along with these issues, I also believe that the military and our veterans are treated with disrespect. Currently, we have been involved in
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