The Democratic Party By Thomas Nast

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After four years of bloody battles and 620,000 deaths, the North finally won the war slavery, and African Americans were free; but the freedom that they envisioned was nonexistent. Their freedom was tied down by numerous of factors, including South’s effort to re-establish slavery conditions, wavering support from the North, White Supremacy organizations, Capitalism, and most importantly, the failed Reconstruction Acts. This Is a White Man’s Government is a cartoon that was published in Harper’s Weekly, a popular cultural newspaper that advocated equality for Blacks, and was predominantly read by Northerners and Union workers. Some say that an image can speak a thousand words, this cartoon by Thomas Nast effortlessly succeeds in doing so by capturing the bleak reality of the freedom that African Americans had in the 1860s thanks to the ineffective implementation of the Reconstruction Acts by the Democrats, who did little to break down the facade of freedom that was given to the Blacks after the Civil War. Thomas Nast unveils the flaws of the Democratic party by portraying for his audience the outcome of the Reconstruction Acts and the misery that African Americans, especially Black Union Veterans such as the one in the cartoon, could not escape from. His intense passion for supporting freedmen, enabled him to beautifully capture the racial dimension of life for Africans after the Civil war with only the use of pencil and paper. After Blacks risked their lives, joined the
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