The Democratic Party Is One Of The Two Major Contemporary Political Parties

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The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, they believe in Equality, freedom of speech, clean environments they also support health care and women’s right to choose. If one was going to choose to run for the United States Senator there are many hurdles you have to go through before you even start the process of being nominated, organizing the campaigns and even mobilizing it to be heard.
Becoming a senator like much of anything takes a good amount of time to get started. The 2014 requirements are lengthy but you need them all before even considered being an applicant. First, you need to make you sure you actually meet the office requirements of being a United States citizen for at least 9 years and at least 30 years old when being elected. Second, you have forms that are required to be filled out for nomination. Whether you are wanted to be nominated for the Republican or Democratic Party U.S. senator you must file an affidavit and reach at least a minimum of 15,000 lawful signatures on your petition. They then go forth saying “The petition must be signed by at least 100 registered electors in each of at least ½ of the congressional districts in the state.” Then going further into it there are different requirements for “independent” candidates and “minor party” candidates. For all candidates they are required to have an affidavit of identity which is a written statement confirmed either by oath or affirmation, used for…
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