The Democratic People 's Republic Of Korea

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Established in September of 1948, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or as it is more commonly known, North Korea, is a relatively young state (CIA Factbook!). Despite its short period of existence however, this east Asian country has managed to crawl its way into worldwide spotlight for its totalitarian-style government, robust nuclear weapons programs, and prevalent use of crimes against humanity. For outsiders looking in, the nation appears to be at its tipping point, with the possibility of revolt waiting around every corner. However, for North Korean citizens, a well-structured and large-scale rebellion may seem both impossible and unnecessary. Currently commanded by the infamous, baby-faced Kim Jong Un, the communist regime works tirelessly to advance the political state of North Korea within the world, while simultaneously restricting their people from reaching autonomy, economic success, and enlightenment to their rulers’ wrongdoings. To better understand how a nation as segregated and restrictive as North Korea can remain intact, this paper will explore how the DPRK uses propaganda and the restriction of communication to control its people. To better recognize how and why the North Korean government operates the way it does, it is crucial to understand how the nation was formed. Prior to World War II, the Korean Peninsula was under the rule of the Japanese, devoid of what we know today as North Korea and South Korea (New World Encyclopedia, 2014).
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