The Democratic People 's Republic Of Korea

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is the northern half of Korea, after its separation. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, Korea was liberated from the Japanese military regulation. Communism became strongly established in the North, due to Soviet Union’s influence after the liberation from Japan. This resulted in the emergence of Kim Il-Sung, who, in 1948, ended up becoming the first premier of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly decided to allow the constitution of the Republic of Korea. In 1950, rivalries between these two hostile nations soon erupted into a war. This war resulted in 2.5 million casualties, and ended in July 1953, with Korea still separated into two opposing states. On its southern portion of the border, a 215 mile wide area separation the North from the South. The former battleground is now a nature preserve, filled with forests, wetlands, and estuaries, housing countless species ranging from birds to fish. North Korea has been governed exclusively by one family for its entire existence. In 1948, the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, established Kim Il-Sung as the leader of North Korea. He remained in office, until his death in 1994. His son, Kim Jong-Il, took his place and also remained in office until death, in December 17, 2011. Currently, Kim Jong-Un is in charge of the rule of North Korea. However, the country still suffers from a series of excessive
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