The Democratic Republic Of Congo

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Issue: In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the diamond mining industry is being exploited by rebels who are using the diamonds as ‘conflict diamonds’. These diamonds are being used to illegally buy arms used towards the civil war and other conflict in the DRC. Since the rebels have control of the diamond industry with conflict diamonds, they affect the DRC’s economy and the livelihood of the people who have no choice to work for the rebels. Because of the constant conflict since independence of the DRC, there is the persistent issue of how to reduce the circulation of conflict diamonds. Background: The Democratic Republic of Congo has had civil strife ever since its independence from Belgium. Mobutu Sese-Sekou ruled the DRC from 1965-1997. In 1997, he was overthrown by opposition forces led by Laurent-Desire Kabila. This started the 36 year long conflict in the country (“Congo: Diamond Mining and Conflict”). The conflict was between Mobutu’s coalition group, the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) and the government led by Kabila. The RCD was located in the east of the DRC where the rebel groups were established in conflict mining. They were supported by Rwanda and Uganda and were looking to take control of the DRC towards the west. At the same time, both the Rwandan and Ugandan governments participated with the rebel groups in conflict mining. The governments of Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Chad helped slow the advance of the RCD towards the west (“Congo: Diamond
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