The Democratic Republic Which The People Of The Usa Live Under Today

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The Democratic Republic which the people of the USA live under today follows principles put in place by The Constitution. This is an example of a political text written to convey the ideals of government. Similarly two historically significant texts, The Federalist No.10 written by James Madison in 1787 addressed to the state of New York and The Second Treatise of Government by John Locke ( an English philosopher) in 1689 make complex assertions about the fundamentals of a government. While Madison and Locke make heavily similar claims on the importance of government in the protection of its members as well as the tenacious emphasis on majority vote, they don’t quite see eye to eye when it comes to the behaviors of bodies in a government.. Their two ideologies form parallel arguments that do happen to build off of each other as well as oppose, (the former more than the latter) while also giving a well rounded understanding of some of the building blocks of government. James Madison and John Locke’s ideas converge at several points. One of them being the idea that the purpose of government is to keep the population safe, be it from each other as suggested by Madison (aka other factions) or outside threats suggested by Locke.
James Madison 's paper “The Federalist No. 10” was published in 1787 as attempt to convince the inhabitants of New York State that the only way to protect citizens from the “mischiefs of factions” was through a Federal Union. He clearly displays this

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