The Democrats And The Whigs Were Polar Opposites

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1. The Democrats and the Whigs were polar opposites of each other and believed strongly in different aspects of the federal government, economy, and state. The Whigs were mainly a conservative group which believed in a strong active government that protected industry through tariffs and wanted internal improvements such as canals, railroads, and telegraph lines as well as to promote public education. The Whigs also favored both Northern and Southern manufacturing and agriculture but did not like the concept of slavery and wished to abolish it. The Democrats on the other hand favored a state government over a federal government and believed in agriculture and slave labor over industry. The Democrats believed that the government should leave business alone, neither hindering it nor helping it.

2. The factors that contributed to the Second Great Awakening can be attributed to a reaction against rationalism which is the belief in human reason. Essentially being a Protestant revival movement, Baptists and Methodists led the movement as preachers. The Second Great Awakening focused on reviving religion before the Second Coming of God which was believed to be when the world was supposed to end. Overall the world did not end like it was predicted to, however the effects of the Second Great Awakening affected women as it gave them more status in society as well as a purpose.

3. The growth of a New American culture was instigated through the works of the…

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