The Demon Haunted World By Carl Sagan

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In a conversation with a friend, Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein posed the following questions:
"Tell me, why do people always say that it was natural for men to assume that the sun went around the earth rather than the earth was rotating?" His friend said: "Well, obviously, because it just looks as if the sun is going around the earth." To which the Wittgenstein replied: "Well, what would it look like if it had looked as if the earth were rotating?".
This exchange exemplifies the way that scientific discovery can be shadowed by human intuition. In his book The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan poses the most accurate way to describe the natural world; anything that can be discovered by humans that is within our cognitive scope is and should be subject to skeptical scientific examination guided by open-minded thinking in order to account for errors in human intuition, as well as clouded judgement due to emotional responses. Humans have developed the capacity to have direct knowledge that is unaided by any conscious observations or reason. Intuition, as we call this capacity, is a collection of past memories and observations that can affect the way people react to or process certain stimuli on a subconscious level. These automatic thought processes are greatly important in times of immediate response to danger, implicit memory, and latent and unconscious understanding of the world around us. In times of troubleshooting and desperation, human intuition is a
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