The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story

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Throughout the plot, I found Lisa Hensley to be the best character in connection with public health. Lisa Hensley was young, intelligent, and determined in her career. During her educational years, Lisa successfully gained two master’s degrees in public health and a Ph.D. in epidemiology and microbiology (Preston, 2002). Lisa comes from an educational background and everything she aimed to achieve within public health, epidemiology, and microbiology constantly amazed her. Upon completing graduate school and accepting the position with USAMRIID; her official title was a civilian scientist with phenomenal knowledge in areas that USAMRIID could benefit from (Preston, 2008). Lisa had a passion for being in the lab at all hours and working on her given scientific research. It is what made her feel good and allows her to feel accomplished after all the years of hard work put into her public health background. One of Lisa’s first assignments at USAMRIID was conducting “research on SHF, a level 3 virus that is harmless to humans but is devastating to monkeys” (Preston, 2008, p. 113). Scientists and researchers tend to experiment on animals similar to humans; such as, monkeys and mice. This typically helps scientists evaluate what procedures, screenings, and treatment would be available if there was to be an outbreak at any given time.…

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