The Demonstration Of Leadership By Craig Johnson Essay

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Demonstration of Leadership Craig Johnson wrote an article in November 2008 to evaluate the most controversial tenure of Carly Fiorina, the former Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard (HP), using the ethical leadership construct. In the article, Johnson generates several questions that relate to leadership and management practices. The evaluation of HP’s former Chief Executive Officer is influenced by the fact that the company experienced a decline in productivity within a short period after the CEO entered the organization. Actually, Fiorina entered a largely successful firm and introduced significant changes within a short time duration, which had considerable impacts on the firm’s operations. The dramatic changes that were introduced within a short time culminated in the decline of the value of the company’s stock within five years and the eventual unceremonious removal of the CEO. This paper provides a response to the article through examining how it demonstrates leadership.
Analysis and Discussion As previously mentioned, the article by Craig Johnson examines the rise and fall of Carly Fiorina, HP’s former Chief Executive Officer who was unceremoniously removed following the tremendous impact that her dramatic changes had on the firm’s productivity and success. At the turn of the millennium, Carleton Fiorina was the most powerful businesswoman in the United States who rose quickly through the ranks at AT&T and Lucent Technologies (Johnson, 2008, p.188).
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