The Density Den ( Experiment 4.3 )

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The Density Den (Experiment 4.3)

Taken from Obook (aim, materials and method)
Date: Monday 15th June
Partners: Nicole and Grace

- When people think of Archimedes they often think of the famous tale of his bath, and how he helped discover density whilst unknowingly using the displacement method. -
Density is the mass and volume of substances which is different in the 3 states of matter. The density of the 3 matters can often be affiliated with the amount of space in-between the particles. In the matter gas particles are quite spread out so they have a low density whether as in the matter Solid particles are tightly packed together and have a higher density.
Density is often used when comparing the heaviness of two objects.


Aim: To measure the density of liquid water

10-mL measuring cylinder
50-mL measuring cylinder
Electronic balance

1.Measure the mass of the 10-mL measuring cylinder. Record its mass in grams.
2. Remove the measuring cylinder from the balance and add 6.0 mL of water to it.
3. Measure the mass of the cylinder and water. Calculate the mass of the water by subtracting kkthe mass of the cylinder from the combined mass of the cylinder and water.
4. Calculate the density of the water (see Numeracy lab on page 145) and record your answer.
5. Repeat the experiment with the 50-mL measuring cylinder and 20mL of water. Calculate the kkdensity of water.
6. To obtain the third measurement of the
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