The Dental Clinic At Hurlburt

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The dental clinic at Hurlburt is not a new organization. The history, products, and major competitors will be discussed in this paper. A strategic plan to expand the dental clinic over the next three years will be made. This will not be done before the current situation is evaluated along with conducting a SWOT analysis. After which, the success of the strategic plan developed will be measured. The clinic is not in bad shape now, but there is always room for improvement. The dental clinic is located inside of the Hurlburt clinic. Dental became a squadron of their own in 2006 instead of a flight. At this time the squadron, became independent from the medical clinic and began to make decisions. The products that the clinic provides have not…show more content…
An internal assessment analysis named SWOT, which stands for a company 's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is conducted (Abraham, 2012). Strengths and weaknesses are the internal aspects of the normal SWOT analysis (Abraham, 2012). They include problems that need to be corrected, deficiencies recognized through a comparison with competitors, or deficiencies relative to recognized strategies such as lacking the resources to grow (Abraham, 2012). An opportunity is a product-market issue (Abraham, 2012). It must include a product or service that is actually offered, to include the existing ones, and a defined customer group at which that product or service is targeted, including the existing ones (Abraham, 2012). Threats are external trends that could have a negative effect on the company (Abraham, 2012). The chart above shows the different categories of a SWOT analysis along with the items that were associated with them from the dental clinic. The strengths are product- innovation skills and strong leadership. Product-innovation skills are top-notch at the Hurlburt Dental clinic because the logistics manager listens to sales reps along with doctors and techs. She then orders the clinic all the new and best products so we can try them to see which one we like best. The clinic also has a very strong leadership and this is important because without leadership the critical decisions would not be made in a
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