The Dental Hygiene Of A Dental Hygienist

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“Nearly seven out of 10 Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day but more than 30 percent aren’t brushing enough, according to a survey published by Delta Dental,” ( Many people all across the United States have dental hygiene issues due to lack of practicing good oral health skills. The reason why some individuals have poor oral health is due to lack of funds, products, race, and simply because they’re lazy. A dental hygienist can provide a patient with better hygiene regiments to motivate the patient on the right path in order to have a healthy mouth. Some individuals think that it’s perfectly fine to skip brushing your teeth but that isn’t a good idea. Toothpaste is used to fight plague and cavities as well as cleaning and polishing tooth enamel. You are increasing the chances of bacteria living in your mouth, poor gum health, and plague issues. “Every time you have a meal, the bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth feast on the food you eat. Just like every other living organism, these bacteria excrete waste after a meal. This waste is highly acidic and breaks down tooth enamel, causing root decay and cavities,” ( In order to keep a healthy mouth, the induvial must continue regular brushing, flossing, and maintain a healthy diet. I personally brush my teeth after every meal but the minimum requirements are only twice a day at any given moment. “At the minimum, brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste,” (
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