The Dental System Of Dental Care

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Accessing dental care is a serious problem sweeping across the nation. So many people are not getting the dental care they need simply because they are not close to a dental provider. Many organizations have done research to help find a solution to this growing issue. Some feel education is lacking for the general public on oral health care, creating more of a need for dental procedures. Others feel it is the geographic location in which the dentist are practicing. I personally feel the problem is the missing mid-level provider in the dental profession. Oral health care definitely needs a break through to end the problem with access to care. Most dental diseases can be prevented pretty easily with the appropriate knowledge on how to do so. The greater the education a family has on oral health, the greater the chance they will know how to take care of their family’s teeth and gums (American Dental Association, 2011). The theory of this solution is revealing that there will be less of a need for dental care, which will help alleviate the dental desert. There is a great deal of research already being taught on the importance of oral health and the effects on a person’s overall health. The surgeon general report revealed how the mouth is a gateway to a person’s health (Treadwell & Northridge, 2007). Increasing the education on oral health is definitely needed but I do not feel it is the solution. Dentist are coming out of school with a great deal of debt (Thompson, 2012).
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