The Denver Art Museum Architecture

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The Denver art Museum, a very strange looking building at first sight. Well I guess the question to ask is strange to what? Because everything is relative. So the Denver art museum architecture is very different relative to the buildings around it. To me it looks like an explosion of shapes, Boxes and triangles and wedge shaped objects flying from the center of creativity. As said earlier the architecture is strange or vastly different relative to the buildings around it, but when you push your views aside and look at the building for what it is, you see that it is art. The detention of “architecture” is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings, so by this, every architect is an artist. Some are much more conventional, some are expressive, they design and express buildings to resemble something different. So I looked a second time at the building and saw not just a strange looking building but a giant piece of artwork, expressing 10 different building designs in one building to house the artwork of many others. As I entered the building I saw the artwork of the building was not just exterior. Yet, Inside, even stripped of all the art work it still, the building itself was still art. With expressive lines and shapes, the layout of the building was expressing new and old, fancy and plane architecture all into its own beautiful piece of artwork. Nothing about the building was ordinary to a general standard of 21st century architecture. But expressive art,

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