The Denver Center For Performing Arts

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The production A Christmas Carol was performed at the Denver Center for Performing Arts located in Denver, Colorado. I had the pleasure to attend the show on December 14th in the Stage Theater and I was captivated. This show captured the essence of a theatrical production. To avoid false impressions, the production I saw was performed in 2013. This is a foretaste for those thinking about attending the future performance in 2016; especially those who desire the theater experience.
The Denver Center for Performing Arts has an exceptional reputation. The theater complex is coined the second largest performing arts center compared to Broadway. Their qualitative productions can attest to this and A Christmas Carol is no exception. A Christmas Carol was originally a novel written by Charles Dickens and has been adapted into numerous renditions. The Denver Center for Performing Arts has audiences experience the story in a different way, through the art of theater. Director Bruce K. Sevy, playwright adaptor Richard Hellesen and composer David de Berry captured the nature of the classic story and made it into a family friendly production perfect for the holiday season.
Having knowledge and involvement in both the acting and the technical aspects of theater, I expected the production to deliver a qualitative performance that gave its audience the full experience. This experience is achieved by the elements of theater such as acting, lights, sounds, props, costume and set design…
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