The Denver Museum Of Nature And Science Essay

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I visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on the 23rd of November. This museum is located in Denver, Colorado but its history starts in Breckenridge, Colorado. Edwin Carter moved to Breckenridge in 1868. Edwin Carter’s passion for wildlife and science shaped the beginning of a collection that would change many lives. Edwin began to collect and assemble three displays that primarily included birds and mammals, butterflies and moths, and crystallized gold. This passion was for the scientific study of birds and mammals of the Rocky Mountains, which shaped his collection of Colorado wildlife. Folks from all over this area became increasingly interested. His collection turned into a display that he sold for $10,000. The idea of the Colorado Museum of Natural History was born on December 6, 1900. This idea grew until July 1, 1908, when it was open to the public. Ever since then it has developed into a huge building, preserved many Colorado finds and finds from other places, added on numerous exhibitions, but most importantly it has “housed compelling programs and experiences for millions of guests and schoolchildren that inspire a passion for exploring and understanding our natural and cultural world” (Museum History, 1). I chose to focus on a specific artifact in the “Egyptian Mummies” exhibition of the Museum of Nature and Science. The overall theme of this exhibition was of course, Egyptian mummies and culture pertaining to their religious beliefs of the afterlife.

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