The Department Of Commerce And Labor

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Managing Competing Agendas
The Department of Commerce and Labor was established on February 14, 1903, during the presidential administration of Theodore Roosevelt. Less than ten years later it was divided into two separate entities, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Labor, each headed by a secretary (Shuman, R. B. (2016), U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), Salem Press Encyclopedia). The secretary’s job was monitoring trades between the United States and other nations. An important mandate of the Department of Commerce is to promote America’s business and trade with other nations. The Department of Commerce went through several mission changes. Where it once was focused on international business and trading, it began to
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Within the Department of Commerce (DOC), OHRM is in the Office of the Secretary, reporting to the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of the Secretary, Office of Human Resources Management). The Director of Resource Management reports to the Deputy Assistant of Administration, and the Deputy Assistant reports to the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration. Human resource affects the organizational structure of trade deals in that it will either improve efficiency or contribute to the revenue growth. In the human resource management, it focuses mainly on the management of people and how it can effectively produce a better working environment. It also deals with employee benefits, pays incentives, health benefits, and training staff to become better at their job. Human resource management can positively and negatively affect trade deals. It can positively affect trade deals in becoming a leader of global trade and the continuity of becoming an excellent leader in human resource management. Human resource management is also responsible for protecting employees from removal without cause, protect the right to be in a union, and standardize pay grades fairly.
The Office of Budget 's primary responsibility is helping to prepare and defend the Department 's annual budget request. The Office
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