The Department Of Defense And Defense

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The Department of Defense is one of the oldest executive departments of the executive branches in the United States of America and is in control of national security and the Armed Forces of the United States. More than 3 million employees embody the Department of Defense and control it’s day-to-day operations and is well funded with a budget of $680 billion thanks to a bill that passed 68-29 in 2010 . Under the Secretary of Defense there is a very powerful Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defense, Teri Takai. Teri is responsible for developing strategic plans and to align with the department’s mission and the mission of the United States. The CIO of the Department of Defense interested me because of the decisions having to be made affect so many users. Every decision Teri makes has to be spot on and has to take in consideration, how it will hurt or benefit other departments or national security. The goal of the CIO is to unify the information management and to advance the technology vision of the department.
The implementation of “10-Point Plan for IT Modernization” began as Teri’s big initiative to upgrade the information technology infrastructure. An assessment on typical IT infrastructures we look at the organization, technological, and the strategy overall. In order to begin implementing new plans, the current infrastructure and architecture must be assessed, a design and model for the new system must be created and then the strategy to implement the new
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