The Department Of Education Is Clear That No Form Of Bullying

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The Department of Education is clear that no form of bullying should be tolerated. The current anti-bullying guidance for schools is †̃Safe to Learn: embedding anti-bullying work in schoolsâ€TM We strongly abide by the anti-bullying policy.
Everyone has the right to feel welcome, secure and happy. Bullying of any sort stops members of the setting from being able to achieve their full potential and prevents equality of opportunity. Bullying is anti-social behaviour and affects everyone it is unacceptable and should not be tolerated which is why anti-bullying policies and procedures are in place, to protect all.
The following steps should be taken when dealing with incidents:
If bullying is suspected or reported, the incident will be dealt
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While individual experiences will influence the way your child is affected, in general, there are some universal steps all parents should take to support their child through bullying.
Have an open conversation
If you suspect that your child is being bullied, or they have already told you of an incident, the first thing to do is have an open conversation. Try and follow these guidelines:
Speak in private: Find a quiet time when you won 't be disturbed to discuss the different types of bullying. Ask if they have ever experienced or witnessed any of the examples and encourage them to give specific details.
Be patient, calm and understanding: Do not make assumptions or interrupt. Put your feelings aside and really listen to what your child is telling you.
Reassure them: Make it clear that the bullying is not their fault and praise them for being brave enough to confide in you. Assure them that now you know what is happening, the issues can be resolved.
Give support and trust: Let your child know that you will need to talk to the school, but promise not to take action without discussing it with them first. Openly explore the options together, and come to an agreed course of action.
Teach them how to cope
Bullies often 'test ' potential targets to gauge how they respond, and while the target is never to blame, those who appear the most vulnerable usually continue to be bullied. It is for this reason that
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