The Department Of Health Care Services

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The Department of Health Care Services is at the very top of the VCRC organizational structure. Caregiver Resource Center the Board of Director. Then it comes down to the Executive Director, Program Manager, and the staff: family consultants/ social worker, office assistant, data entry, and volunteer or students. Is it a public, nonprofit, or for-profit organization? Valley Caregiver Resource Center is a non-profit organization that had been serving Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings, Merced, Stanislaus, Mariposa, Kern, and Tuolumne for over 30 years. VCRC is publicly funded and also receives donations. All the donation the agency received goes toward the services VCRC provides. VCRC has two main funding to help their clients. The agency received its funding from National Family Caregivers Support Program (NCP) and California Department of Health Care Services (DHS). The DHS program have a share of cost that clients have to pay. There are three counties that only have DHS and no NCP program. These county are Tuolumne County, Kings County, and Stanislaus County. Board of Director and Executive Director, top management positions in the organization, and job positions held by people who are not in the top management positions? VCRC has a Board of Director, which is CRC, and an Executive Director on site to overlook on the agency. The top management position in the agency is the Manager in the agency. There are family consultants, which are the social worker, they are the one
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