The Department Of Homeland Security And Homeland Defense

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The defense, security, and safety American citizens enjoy each and every day is a result of dedicated professionals committed to Homeland Security and Homeland Defense. These broad initiatives require well-defined missions, organized and focused tasking, and finally, clearly understood duties, responsibilities, and operations. Organizations charged with these responsibilities must be better resourced than those of the enemy. Success in each of these objectives requires a well-organized infrastructure with clear mission sets. The afore mentioned areas of responsibility, related planning, and resource/personnel management are fluid (rightfully so) and are constantly reevaluated, restructured, and/or reinforced to best counterattack our Nation’s vulnerabilities before they become casualties.

In its very simplest terms, Homeland Security’s focus starts from the United States’ borders and works inward. At the forefront leading this initiative is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS was established following the devastating terrorist attacks carried out on September 11th, 2001 in an attempt to “safeguard the American people, US soil, and American values (DHS, 2016). DHS has a crucial mission set that includes securing the nation from it’s many threats and requires the utmost dedication of its ~250,000 trained professionals.
These great Americans are trained in a vast amount of specialty areas including: aviation and border security, emergency
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