The Department Of Homeland Security

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The Department of homeland Security (DHS) is a body responsible for maintaining the security and safety of the United States from attack by terrorists and other possible disasters. DHS was created after the attack by terrorists on 11th September 2001 and it has immensely focused on federal preparations of dealing with terrorism while at the same time trying to manage other important duty which includes ensuring security of the borders and taking part in customs and emergency management practices. Even with all these it is doing, the department has not escaped from accusation for having a fixation on terrorism which has resulted in substantial criticism and controversy, which also contains accusations of violating civil liberties (Perl 2004). Just one month after the attack, legislations were introduced to create this Department of Homeland Security. DHS was born in the wake of anti-terrorism focus, in which much attention was diverted to the formation of a new National Threat Advisory system. The system applied colour coded level in expressing the state of security, whereby green signified low threat while red signified severe threats. Many DHS officers were given the responsibility of preparing for the upcoming terror attack in an attempt to minimise the effects of such assaults. In creation of DHS, there are some agencies which opted to maintain their names and missions while others terminated their existence and their responsibilities distributed among the newly created
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