The Department Of Homeland Security

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“The Department of Homeland Security was created through the incorporation of 22 different federal departments and agencies into a joint, integrated Department.” DHS has become a more efficient and integrated Department that has become highly strengthened; the homeland security is an agency that has a more secure America. Without a doubt, it is highly equipped to confront the vast range of threats the United States of America faces. This analysis will explain why the Department of Homeland Security exists. It will also explain why the Department of Homeland Security grew into and whom they have become after September 11, 2001. Also, an explanation of who DHS is, in this I will explain all 22 different departments of DHS. Another important…show more content…
The Department of Defense is also part of DHS; this department controls the military in its totality whether its use is foreign or domestic, and DHS protects our nation 's borders. Having this said, or nations Immigration and Naturalization services are also under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security. The department DHS has two different functions one of which is the enforcement, and the other is the services, in this case, l ICE and CIS (as previously explained abbreviations will be Further described in the Paper). Soon after that INS and Customs Services joined forming Homeland Security Investigations this is the intelligence agency that secures DHS. INS and other agencies make our borders secure, for example, U.S. BP, U.S. Customs Services, APHIS. Well, these four organizations were united forming one single department under DHS, which is U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Another department that got replaced was the Federal Protection Service for the National Protection and Programs. DHS is the third biggest Cabinet office, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. It has over 240,000 representatives. The Homeland Security Council composes country security arrangement at the White House. Different offices with huge country security obligations incorporate the Departments of
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