The Department Of Homeland Security Made Us Safer

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Has the Department of Homeland Security Made Us Safer? As one of the greatest power houses in the world, the United States has attempted to keep warfare on foreign soil rather than stateside. Doing so was a lot easier when war was fought between two different countries, but nowadays, the main source of conflict around the world comes from small bands of people who reside, not in one country or place, but spread throughout the world. Traditionally military servicemen would wear some type of camouflage utilities and would be carrying their rifles at the ready in case of any contact. Combat has dramatically changed and has made it extremely harder to distinguish enemy from friendly or natural forces. Bombs are created to be worn under cloths, IEDs (or improvised Explosive Devices) are hidden under roadways, and in my opinion, war has become more of a cowardice game hide and seek. This shift in combat strategies has made keeping warfare away from the homeland harder and harder. After the Attacks on the United States on 11 September 2105, the government created the Department of Homeland Security in order to protect our nation from further attacks. The proposal to create the department of Homeland Security was created in the early months of 2002 and officially became an Act of congress later that same year. The department opened its doors and two months later and Tom Ridge, a Pennsylvania Governor, was appointed to be the first director of DHS (the Department of Homeland

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