The Department Of Homeland Security

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The 9-11 incident shocked the world. People remember the picture of 911 as clearly as they remember yesterday, even though it has been 14 years ago. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its many partners across the federal government, public and private organizations, and communities across the country have worked since 9/11 to build a new homeland security enterprise to better decrease and defend against dynamic threats, minimize risks, and maximize the ability to respond and recover from attacks and disasters. In the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, many trade associations developed or enhanced security operations to deal with terrorist threats. Numerous owners and operators of transportation
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In fact, security of goods in the cargo supply chain is also significant, especially consumable goods such as pharmaceuticals. This kind of goods could prove catastrophic, result in substantial loss of both financial and life.
This case provide a idea that people must change perception, which is consumers are not the whole components of movement of goods, but the movement of goods and merchandise essential to life and economic vitality. It breaks limit of scope to discuss present threat of cargo supply chain, sources of cargo terrorists and thieves, solutions and challenges for both short term and long term from private and public sectors.

A clear and present threat
The consequence would be far-reaching and consequential of a breach in cargo security. Obviously, the most weakness of cargo supply chain is terrorist attack, and cargo theft.
Terrorist attack
The first major threat of cargo supply chain is terrorist. It is clear that terrorists can see the potential of using the maritime trading system to conceal weapons or agents for attack purposes or to provide funding or support for their operations. Unknown risk results from the virtually limitless range of targets and tactics available to terrorists. As mentioned in this case, terrorists have used aircraft as an attack delivery platform in October 2010. When Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula shipped two explosive devices
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