The Department Of Human Health Services

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The HHS (U.S Department of Human Health Services) was established to enhance as well as protection for all citizens of America. They provide useful Human services and developed advances in medicine, public health, and social services. These facilities and agency are government based with mission to provide the public with health insurance and services. Overtime there have been a great deal of historical highlights that shape what Human Health Services is today. Today we have Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA, which demonstrate the time line and evolution of health insurance. Lets go to the beginning it all started in 1798 an act of passage was provided for seamen who were ill and disabled. This paved the way for many health discoveries, health technology, and modern day medicines. The creation of the ACA helped drive and initiate many other different agencies and divisions that were later established. Moreover Human Health Services provides and offers many health programs to the citizens. Most of these programs cater to employees, disabled, and low income families. Also the HHS is one earns highest amount in grants, it is said that they are grant making agency in the United States.

The Human Health Service uses strategic plans and tactics to reinforce good health. Their mission and goals are to first strengthen the health care. How they intend on doing that is that they will ensure that everyone get covered for insurance through something that is known today as the Affordable
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