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Jerry Johnson is the site manager at a Department of Transportation (DOT) customer service office, where nine other employees also work. Mary Marshall, a former employee at that particular office of the DOT has reported to our office, the OIG of the DOT, that Jerry Johnson has been devoting his attention to his own personal things, such as engaging in “church work” and “political work” while on government time from the DOT. This investigative report is based on a tip from an employee of the Department of Transportation (DOT), MARY MARSHALL, regarding possible misconduct and illegal activities. Specifically, Ms. Marshall states that a site manager, JERRY JOHNSON, is conducting personal business on government time. The following information…show more content…
She also stated that she has heard that in order for Bernie Brown to maintain his contract with the Department of Transportation, he contributes money to candidates that are supported by Jerry Johnson. Information on Rhonda Richards provided by Mary Marshall: Ms. Marshall also stated that Mr. Johnson utilizes his assistant Rhonda Richards, to carry out political work such as typing documents, making calls, and delivering documents while on government time. Investigation launched: Mr. Johnson is under investigation for using government time and resources to conduct personal business at the expense of the DOT. Also, there may be reason to believe that Mr. Johnson may be using his position and power at the DOT to influence other individuals for personal gain. An interview conducted on January 22nd, 2008 with Jerry Johnson revealed that he has been a site manager for the DOT for the past five years but has been employed by the DOT for approximately seventeen years. During his time as the site manager, he has also been employed as an officer for his local political organization and is an ordained minister for his local church. Findings from the investigation: Bernie Brown was seen arriving the State Office building located at 234 North Elm St. and at the time of surveillance, he was seen in and out of the building to go to a convenience store as well as McDonald’s where he met with Jerry Johnson and Rhonda Richards. Bernie Brown was seen giving a white envelope
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