The Department Of Veterans Affairs

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a health care system that offers programs to benefit veterans and their families. Benefits include, but are not limited compensation payments for disabilities or death related to military service, pensions, education, health care and rehabilitation. The Department of Veteran Affairs functions as the nation’s largest integrated health care system, with more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, community living centers, domiciliary, readjustment counseling centers, and other facilities. The mission of the VA is to “care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan" by serving and honoring the men and women who are America 's veterans (The Department of Veteran Affairs, 2011). This mission statement is based off of President Lincoln 's promise to service members. For the addiction treatment program (ATP), which is part of the mental health division of the VA, their mission statement is to provide person centered and driven assessments, clinical programming, plan of care, treatment plan reviews, transition planning and outpatient and after service to promote the rehabilitation, recovery, health maintenance, quality of life and community integration goals identified by persons served (The Department of Veteran Affairs, 2011, p. 27). The core mission of the VA’s mental health department is to focus on recovery, this means helping the veteran take charge of their treatment in order to help them live a meaningful
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