The Department Of Veterans Affairs

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This year has not been kind to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). News in April that several VA facilities were causing veterans to wait months for health care, and some VA officials forced employees to keep fake records to conceal the delays. Gregg Zoroya notes that there were also allegations that the deaths of 40 veterans were caused by the delays at the Phoenix VA hospital, although the VA contends that they were not “conclusively” linked. Nonetheless, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned less than a month later because of the scandal, and in July, the U.S. Senate appointed former Proctor & Gamble CEO Robert A. McDonald as the new secretary. Now that McDonald is in charge of the government’s second-largest agency, he faces significant challenges in righting the massive ship that is the VA—most important of which is the revitalization of the malfunctioning health care system. The issues with the health care system must be addressed in order for veterans to get the medical services they need. As a functional solution, the Department of Veterans Affairs should expand benefits to cover private health care. The government has authorized veterans to utilize private medical care in the past. After World War I, there were so many veterans in need of medical attention that private institutions were enlisted to help. However, as Jessica Adler points out, “Complaints about privately administered care were so rife, and it was so difficult to oversee and manage the
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