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Teachers should not stereotype children based on these statistics and make generalisations as every child is an individual, having different skills, abilities and needs. From my experience in several primary schools located in deprived areas and where there are a high proportion of ethnic minority children, many children of a variety of black ethnic groups were exceeding or on par for what was expected of them in relation to their more affluent peers. Therefore these children should not be stereotyped as it is the quality of teaching received which contributes to pupils' progress.
It is claimed by Kerr and West (2010) that children are more likely to attend a low performing school if they are from a disadvantaged background, and therefore will achieve poor academic outcomes. However, this should not be the case as a 'good teacher' should provide good quality education no matter whether they are teaching in a high or low performing school, meaning that every child should have the same opportunities no matter what their socio-economic status may be. Sanders and Horn (1998) support my argument that it is the quality of education provided by teachers which contributes to pupil's progress and achievement rather than any other…
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